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The CleanStart vision is to support our neighbourhoods helping them become safer, stronger, cleaner and greener. We are a social enterprise, which means that we are able to offer a great range of property services and good quality recycled furniture at affordable prices whilst re-investing our profits into the local community. We provide employment, training and support for those who may find it difficult to secure jobs elsewhere. Our prices are kept as low as possible, so that low income families can benefit.

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CleanStart is all about giving people the support and opportunities they need to make a fresh start. Trafford Housing Trust had always assisted ex-offenders to resettle on their release from custody. However, they felt that a lot more could be done to help reduce re-offending. And so in August 2008 CleanStart was formed initially creating a Void Clearance team, who would be employed to clean and clear their empty properties. CleanStart employ ex-offenders on a fixed term contract, rolling employment initiative helping them to become economically active by providing them with training and support. In turn this results in a reduction in re-offending rates and unemployment both of which have a positive impact on the local community.


10 million items of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year; 3 million of these could be re-used, even more could be repaired. Our furniture upcycling business saves the energy associated with the manufacture of new goods and helps to reduce CO2 emissions. We are also affiliated to the Furniture Recycling Network.

Millions of children in the UK live in households that cannot afford to replace worn out furniture or broken electrical items. Our upcycled furniture business offers the opportunity to buy quality items at affordable prices.


At the end of 2014 we published the first independent evaluation of our social impact. A team of experts carried out a detailed analysis of our work to measure the social, environmental and economic value that we create. The report concluded that CleanStart provides good value for money. CleanStart saves the government and other organisations significant expenditure on crime, incarceration, offender management and welfare provision. Additionally, CleanStart creates considerable improvements in the physical, mental, financial and familial wellbeing of the ex-offenders that we employ through our work programme. This sort of stability is a key factor in reducing the likelihood of re-offending, and for some people the change is transformative. In the words of one of CleanStart’s employees, “It has made me re-start my life in a way, this is the most stable I’ve ever been in my life.” The researchers concluded that through making savings for society and improving people’s lives, CleanStart’s social return on investment was up to £2.45 for every £1 invested.


CleanStart is a Social Enterprise Business which was created by Trafford Housing Trust in August 2008. CleanStart is a distinct trading business within Trafford Housing Trust whose original remit was to clear and clean void (empty) properties within Trafford Housing Trust’s housing stock, preparing them for re-let, repaired or sale. The Trust had always played a major role in supporting and assisting ex-offenders on their release from prison but felt they could do more to help reduce re-offending. In order to have the maximum impact CleanStart chose to make Prolific and other Priority Offenders the beneficiaries for their Social Enterprise. Nationally, it is estimated that 10% of offenders commit over 50% of serious crime. Since we began, 47 ex-offenders have been employed on our fixed term work programme, and, to date, 22 of them have secured permanent employment.

Since 2008, we have expanded our operations and we now work for a wide range of clients, including Commercial Landlords, Councils, Registered Social Landlords and Private Homeowners. We have also developed a successful second hand furniture business which provides an affordable source of quality furnishings for low income families alongside having a major impact on the reduction of waste sent to landfill. CleanStart is now going from strength to strength with high ambitions for the future. We are recognised by local partners as providing a great service. Most importantly we are achieving our vision of helping to create a more sustainable, safer, stronger, cleaner and greener local community. If you want to get involved to support CleanStart or find out more then email info@cleanstart.uk.com


Thank you to all of our partners who support CleanStart and our people to do a great job for our community.

There are a number of other organisations who support CleanStart including a number of construction companies and we value their continued support.

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